Artificial Intelligence:

The future of eco-consciousness

Solar Panels

TGAIF represents a worldwide collective of volunteer engineers and professionals, driven by making a lasting difference in the world.

Hydropower Plants

The TGAIF team scouts, qualifies, and partners with research, scientific, and environmental & wildlife conservation nonprofit organizations with years of high quality data.

Wind Turbines

We are a Florida-based 501c3 nonprofit organization that sources & coordinates every aspect of the featured environmental & sustainability projects.

Why Volunteer with Us?

A community focused on AI for good.

Our goal is to leverage the power of data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to improve the environment.

  • A global community of AI/ML professionals committed to further environmental causes with AI at its core.

  • Network with a vast range of global leaders: from independent researchers to leaders in some of the World’s most recognized organizations.

  • While many of us have day jobs, we can mostly agree: meetings can be a drag! We will work to post community updates in a transparent fashion, without meetings.

  • Volunteer engagement isn’t limited to project participation but encouraged to bring problems and projects that the community can address through AI.

What we bring to Nonprofits & NGOs

Most environmental Nonprofits & NGOs are unable to tap into the power of AI

Building & deploying proprietary AI solutions is costly and demands SME knowledge. However, the collaboration between TGAIF and Exspanse has eliminated these obstacles, enabling wider access to AI technology than ever before.

TGAIF Partnership Benefits

  • Large community of AI professionals

  • Volunteers are mobilized to dive into causes

  • Network with our large community network of AI/ML/DS experts

  • Hardware & software development costs are subsidized by the Exspanse platform

  • All-in-one AI development platform makes for easy maintenance

  • Volunteers will deliver solutions with a real-world, interactive use-case

Featured Projects & Causes

We are actively partnering with data-rich nonprofits & NGOs who want to leverage artificial intelligence, machine learning and data science to advance their cause or gain important insights into their data.

Does your nonprofit have a problem that AI could solve? Let’s chat!

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